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Dog Handling Course


Protrack APU proudly offers an accredited and comprehensive 6-week Dog Handling Course for individuals passionate about working with service dogs. As a SASETTA-accredited training provider with operational kennels, we ensure a holistic training environment for our students. This course is designed for those looking to embark on a rewarding career in dog handling, providing skills in care, crime deterrence, patrol, and detection with trained service dogs.

Course Overview

  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Age Requirement: 18 or older

Facilities & Amenities

Our training facilities include comfortable student accommodations with amenities such as a kitchen, DSTV, pool table, and an on-site restaurant, ensuring a conducive learning environment.

Course Enrollment

Courses are scheduled throughout the year, with specific dates and prices available upon request. Group bookings for more than 5 students are encouraged.

Unit Standards Covered

Employment opertunities for Protrack Dog Handlers

  1. Training & Accreditation: Complete the training program to become a registered handler with accreditation levels 1-2, focusing on dog care, handling, and communication.
  2. Bonding Period: Engage in a 1-3 month bonding period with a trained working dog to establish strong teamwork.
  3. Dog Selection: Choose the dog that best matches your working relationship, to be signed over for a year.
  4. Financial Incentive: Receive a monthly bonus in addition to your salary to support the dog’s maintenance and care.
  5. Specialisation Opportunities: Explore various roles based on training and the dog’s expertise, including patrols, tracking, and detection.
  6. Dog Breed Specialisation: Specialise in roles that align with the strengths of specific dog breeds like Malinois or Bloodhounds.
  7. Advanced Opportunities: Potential promotions within the dog unit for outstanding performance.
  8. Continuous Evaluation: Regular assessments of the dog’s performance and welfare, including health check-ups.
  9. Contribution to Rhino Conservation: Participate in efforts to support rhino conservation through the maintenance and care of working dogs.


Protrack’s Dog Handling Course offers an exceptional opportunity to develop a career in service dog handling, providing the training, support, and resources necessary to succeed. This structured and rewarding journey enhances professional growth, specialization, and fosters a deep connection between handlers and their dogs, all while contributing to important conservation efforts.