Accredited Short Courses

At Protrack, we offer a range of accredited short courses designed to provide essential skills and certifications for individuals seeking to enhance their expertise in security, emergency response, and wildlife conservation. Whether you’re aiming to start a career in these fields or looking to upgrade your qualifications, our courses are tailored to meet the highest standards of training and compliance. Explore our offerings to find the course that suits your professional development needs.

Weapons Competency

The Law

Upon conducting your first weapons course, you will have to complete a course on the law of handling, use and operating a weapon. This course only needs to be done once, if you decide on adding different weapons at later stages then you won’t have to do the Law exam again, please do read up below on Personal and Business use for training purposes.

Civilians and for personal Use

As a civilian you can apply for 4 categories of weapons, Handgun, Shotgun, Manually Operated Rifle and Self-Loading rifle, Self-loading rifle is the hardest to apply for as it’s a semi-automatic category, normally falls under sports shooters or for special protection such as hunting. 

Business Purpose Training

Business Use

All Businesses that use or issue weapons to staff for protection against any assets, animals, wild animals, game guides, rangers, security officers, VIP protection and more must complete this training by law and complete Regulation 21 once a year. The same 4 categories of weapons apply, Handgun, Shotgun, Manually Operated Rifle and Self-Loading rifle. 

Reg 21 – Firearm Refresher Training

All persons that are issued with a registered company firearm must attend a refresher course at least once a year at an accredited training provider. 

Unit Standards

  • Handle and Use a Handgun (Unit Standard 119649):
  • Handle and Use a Self-Loading Rifle or Carbine (Unit Standard 119651):
  • Handle and Use a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine (Unit Standard 119650):
  • Handle and Use a Shotgun (Unit Standard 119652):
  • Handle and Use a Self-Loading Business Purposes (Unit Standard 119654):
  • Handle and Use a Manually Operated Business Purposes (Unit Standard 119653):
  • Handle and Use a Hand Gun for Business Purposes (Unit Standard 123521):
  • Handle and Use a Shot Gun for Business Purposes (Unit Standard 123515):
  • Legal Aspects (Unit Standard 119649)

First Aid Training

Emcare is our accredited and registered department of labour training provider; we provide training across South Africa for small to large business who need to be compliant with the Department of Labour.

What is the First Aid Level 1 Course?

The level 1 first aid course is a basic first aid course, an introduction to emergency care, equipping learners with the skills to apply and perform basic first aid in emergencies.

Delivered by registered health care professionals, learners will cover theoretical knowledge and have to perform practical skills competently, such as CPR and Choking.

First Aid level 1 is the starting point to the three levels of first aid, and is usually the minimum requirement to be met by companies when being inspected by governing bodies such as the Department of Labour.





What is the First Aid Level 2 Course?

The level 2 first aid course is an intermediate first aid course, equipping learners with an extensive knowledge of emergency care and teaching a high standard of patient care.

This programme covers more detailed subjects such as treatment of Paediatric patients and two rescuer CPR. It is designed to teach the learner to work logically, efficiently and effectively, to assess and manage an emergency by using systematic approaches to first aid.






What is the First Aid Level 3 Course?

The level 3 first aid course is an advanced first aid course, the highest first aid level that can be achieved. It is recommended that all workplace supervisors, people with hazardous occupations, and people without easy access to healthcare services attend training on level 3 first aid.

The level 3 first aid course is ideal for team leaders of Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) or Medical Teams, First Responders (Firemen/ Police), Security Professionals (Armed Response/ CPOs), Life Guards, Teachers and Education professionals.  Compared to level 2, the first aid level 3 course covers additional emergency care subjects such as emergency childbirth and water-related emergencies.





Basic Fire Fighting

The Basic Fire Awareness course is designed to equip learners with the knowledge and necessary skills to manage and extinguish a fire in the home or office environment, using a variety of skills and various fire fighting equipment covered during the course. This course is aimed at preventing fires, creating a prepared environment, and building confidence when faced with this unexpected emergency.