Sincerest thanks and gratitude...

Balule would like to extend its sincerest thanks and gratitude to the PT teams on Balule for working above and beyond the call of duty these past few days. Regular incursions and 20hr shifts. Not a single complaint and not a single member showed any sign of fading. And it was hot as all hell! Well done guys. We are grateful.

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Rhino Revolution is listening..!

After our international volunteers spent an inspiring day with Protrack and had a presentation from Vince Barkas Rhino Revolution are producing logo-ed soccer balls for your distribution and we are collecting together kids football strips.

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This course is truly an eye opener..

I recommend this course to every young man who just finished school, college or varsity who are concerned with the security and future of our wildlife. This course is truly an eye opener and will benefit you in your personal future life. The instructors Mark Preston, Wilhelm Groenewald, Marku De Carvalho with management will help you to learn discipline, respect and a lot of other life orientated skills which will benefit you if you urge the desire for purpose in life.

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Anti-poaching is the core of our establishment. We boast 25 years of experience in this field of work, being the first private anti-poaching unit ever established in South Africa.

We offer a service to the Private Game Farmers to deploy armed anti-poaching teams on their property's for any length of time, from one day to 365 days per year.

Our knowledge in the law, management of crime scenes & all around experience in the security industry is of utmost importance in the work we do. There are intricate laws & ordinances in nature conservation. These are scenarios we deal with on a daily basis and have years of valuable experience. Having a dedicated training team affords us the ability to constantly upgrade our training according to crime trends which are constantly evolving.

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Boots on the ground is still the most effective form of anti-poaching and crime prevention. We provide armed anti-poaching teams to our clients. Our APU teams are extensively trained in all aspects of anti-poaching and complete a minimum of 42 days training before they are recruited.


We offer general security such as access control, static guards, crop protection, armed response and Wildlife Estate security. All our guards have the added experience of an anti-poaching back ground and extensive in-house training


We have a large fleet of armed response teams to ensure that in the event of any incident we can ensure our teams and our clients are given prompt and efficient support. All anti-poaching teams & reaction teams are trained to assist with road blocks, tracking, search & arrest.


We have a central control room to monitor & liaise with our management team, reaction teams, guards & clients offering a professional support and ensuring a complete paper trail for any incidents.


A key element to many of our successes can be directly attributed to our well established intelligence network. We have a dedicated intelligence officer working with informers as well as all the law enforcement organizations, gathering critical information


In the event of any arrest or incident, we have an experience & qualified team to manage and protect the crime scene and ensure the correct procedures are followed. We take full responsibility, as well as attending court cases.

If you’re young, fit, passionate and determined then Protrack is the place for you!


Protrack has been training recruits for the past 25 years and have had many success stories. In these 25 years many have failed to complete the course and many have strived forward. Some still work for Protrack to this day and some work in other parts of the country as well as the rest of Africa and the World. If you’re young, fit, passionate and determined then Protrack is the place for you!



Due to the security regulations of SA, if a person does not obtain a valid SA ID even if he is from a neighboring country such as Namibia or any other African country as well as Europe and the rest of the world, he may not work in the field and earn a salary or operate a weapon while on duty. This is simply the law and due to Protrack being a Private company we have to answer to the law.



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