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About us

Founded in 1992 by Vincent Barkas, Protrack emerged from humble beginnings with a passion for the bush and a commitment to combat poaching in the heart of the bushveld. With just himself and four employees and a shoestring budget, Vincent’s vision for environmental preservation took root. Protrack’s journey began as a testament to one man’s dedication to wildlife conservation.

Driven by Vincent’s unwavering commitment, Protrack evolved into two divisions: Anti-Poaching and Security Services. Vincent’s vision was not only to end poaching but also to raise awareness about the critical issues unfolding in the bushveld. What started as a small enterprise grew steadily as we expanded our efforts to address the broader challenges faced by wildlife reserves.

Our commitment to excellence and a profound understanding of the bushveld led us to develop exceptional training programs. This commitment resulted in the realisation that our expertise could be extended beyond anti-poaching efforts. Protrack’s exceptional training and re-training initiatives became the foundation for providing outstanding security services.

Today, Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit stands as a beacon of environmental stewardship. Our elite teams, armed with cutting-edge technology and fuelled by passion, strive to safeguard the Earth’s precious biodiversity. From monthly reports showcasing our dedication to transparency to specialised tools such as trained working dogs, drones, and camera traps, our commitment to comprehensive protection is unwavering.

As we extend our reach to wildlife estates, forestry, crop, and livestock protection, we remain true to our founder’s vision. Protrack’s commitment to creating a safer, more sustainable future is not just a security service; it’s a legacy of one man’s passion and a journey that continues to resonate in every action we take.

Partner with us at Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit as we uphold the legacy of Vincent Barkas, striving to make a lasting impact on the preservation of our planet’s invaluable ecosystems and raising awareness about the challenges faced by the bushveld. Join us in building a world where the beauty and biodiversity of the bush endure for generations to come.

Our Commitment

  • Training Excellence: “Our unparalleled commitment to the bushveld has driven us to develop exceptional training programs, expanding our expertise beyond anti-poaching efforts to include comprehensive security services.”

  • Environmental Stewardship: “Today, we stand as a beacon of environmental stewardship, with elite teams equipped with cutting-edge technology, dedicated to protecting the planet’s biodiversity through transparency, innovation, and unwavering passion.”

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