Security Services

At Protrack Security Services, we specialize in providing unmatched security solutions tailored to the unique needs of wildlife estates, agricultural sectors, and commercial properties. Our approach combines advanced technology, specialized training, and a deep understanding of the challenges posed by diverse environments. From expansive bushveld areas to densely populated estates, our mission is to safeguard your assets against threats, ensuring peace of mind and the continuity of your operations.

Estate Security Services

Protrack takes pride in offering unparalleled estate security services, meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs of wildlife estates. Our operations are strategically planned to manage the unique challenges of both open and densely populated areas, ensuring comprehensive coverage and protection.

Crop & Livestock & Forestry

Recognizing the growing threats to the forestry, crop, and livestock industries, Protrack provides dedicated security solutions to combat theft and illegal activities. Our teams are specially trained to deliver effective and comprehensive security measures, going beyond conventional methods to protect your valuable resources.

General Security

The security of entrance points is paramount. Our vigilant gate guards are experts in access control, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter your property. Their proficiency in security protocols adds a critical layer of safety to your estate.

Information & Technology

Emphasizing the importance of specialized training, our security personnel are adept in man tracking and navigating through complex environments. This expertise, combined with advanced technology, equips our teams to detect and counteract potential threats effectively.

Camera Monitoring & Alarms

Our advanced camera monitoring and fence alarm systems represent the forefront of perimeter security. Employing the latest in surveillance technology, we offer real-time monitoring and early warning capabilities, enabling a proactive response to any unauthorized access or suspicious activities.

Canine Security

Our highly trained response dogs are a vital part of our security operations. Managed by experienced professionals, these dogs excel in detecting and deterring potential threats, offering an additional layer of security to our comprehensive services.

Man Tracking

Our personnel are not only trained in the latest alarm technologies but also in man tracking and bush awareness, allowing them to effectively navigate and secure even the most challenging terrains.

Reaction & Armed Response Teams

Prepared to react swiftly to security incidents, our rapid response teams are equipped with semi-automatic weapons, communication tools, and essential gear. Their strategic deployment is aimed at preventing theft and illegal activities, ensuring immediate intervention and the establishment of a secure environment.

Our Commitment

At Protrack Security Services, our commitment to excellence and innovation in security solutions is unwavering. By choosing us, you entrust the safety of your assets to a team dedicated to creating a secure and sustainable future. Let us protect what matters most to you, ensuring your peace of mind and the success of your operations.