APU Services

APU Services

At Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit, our dedication to wildlife conservation drives us to offer specialized anti-poaching services designed to combat the illegal wildlife trade and protect endangered species. With decades of experience and a passion for preserving our planet’s natural heritage, our teams employ cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies to ensure the safety of wildlife. Our comprehensive services are tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by reserves, offering them the support needed to safeguard their invaluable ecosystems.

APU Teams

Our Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) teams are the cornerstone of our efforts, comprising highly trained personnel equipped with semi-automatic weapons, advanced communication tools, and essential survival gear. Having completed our rigorous 6-week anti-poaching program, these teams are proficient in a range of tactics designed to protect wildlife from poaching threats. Their continuous presence in the field, backed by extensive experience and dedication, forms a formidable barrier against illegal activities, ensuring the protection of diverse species within their natural habitats.

Specialized K9 Teams

The deployment of specialized K9 teams brings an additional layer of security to our operations. These highly trained canine units, paired with experienced handlers, utilize their acute senses to detect threats often unnoticed by human patrols. Their agility and speed make them invaluable assets in tracking and deterring poachers, enhancing the overall effectiveness of our anti-poaching efforts.

Aerial Support for Big Five Reserves

Our aerial support operations are tailored for Big Five reserves, where the coordination between ground teams and air support is critical for tracking and follow-up operations. Equipped with the necessary tools for seamless communication, our teams work in conjunction with aircraft to cover large areas more efficiently, greatly enhancing our capacity to monitor wildlife and respond to threats swiftly.

Reporting & Monitoring

Protrack believes in transparency and accountability, which is why our teams operate with a robust reporting and monitoring system. Covering significant distances and employing tracking devices, our units compile detailed monthly reports that include game counts, incident locations, equipment used, and more. These reports provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of our operations and are tailored to the specific needs of each reserve.

Experienced Senior Management

Behind every successful operation is our experienced senior management team, which plays an integral role in coordinating responses to incidents and ensuring swift, accurate feedback. Their active engagement in every aspect of our operations, from suspect apprehension to incident follow-up, underscores our commitment to adaptability and excellence in facing evolving threats.

Specialized Equipment & Intelligence

Our anti-poaching efforts are supported by an arsenal of specialized equipment and intelligence-gathering tools. From night vision and thermal vision devices to drones, tracking, and listening devices, our teams are equipped to conduct diverse operations across challenging terrains. This advanced technology, combined with our trained working dogs and ambush equipment, enables us to establish a secure environment for wildlife and deter illegal activities effectively.