Training (SA Residents)

Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit 6 week Anti-Poaching Course

Training & recruitment forms a vital important role in Anti-Poaching & we have a very strict protocol when it comes to selection and training.

Anti-Poaching is constantly evolving and at PROTRACK we are also constantly upgrading our learning material and counter poaching tactics.

Discipline must be instilled from day one  and this is all part of the training.

We also have full accreditation for our weapons training, which affords us the ability to do very extensive training exercises that are better suited to this line of work. For example night shooting, fire and movement and tactical training exercises.

A very big part of our training is simply getting to know the students and their capabilities, as well as team building.

 At the end of each training course, we have a passing out parade and an award ceremony. There is a very strong sense of comradely and pride amongst the trainees and this in itself is a critical aspect in Anti-Poaching. These guys need to trust and support one another under extraordinary circumstances.

All of our recruits come from diverse backgrounds and ethnic groups. In our experience, this plays a very important role in counter poaching strategies. Whilst on their 6 week training course, they need to learn how to live with one another and in times of crisis we need these men to all work as one team.

The training and work experience gained at Protrack in the first year can be a big stepping stone to a career in Anti-Poaching and conservation. Many of the large game reserves both private and government like to employ ex-Protrack personnel

If you’re young, fit, passionate and determined then Protrack is the place for you!

What to expect during your training.

Our training campus is not for the faint hearted and is structured on a semi-militant basis, we will be training you to perform a 16 day foot patrol with semi-automatic weapons and therefore you will have to be disciplined in all company rules and regulations (This includes rank structure)

Wake up is at 4:00 every day and you should be ready by 6:00, this means fire made, food cooked, fire out, dixies clean and ready for drill and the obstacle course every morning. Some mornings will also consist of a PT exercises or 2.4km runs.

The course is mainly very practical but there will also be theory. Lectures will take place at the main campus and bush skills such as Sweeping Methods, Survival, Tracking Humans, Sleeping out on Big Five Game Reserves, Ambushing, Night Walks and OPs etc will take place in the field.

Obstacle Course - River Crossing Simulation

Fitness is very important for the simple factor that you have to be fitter and stronger than the poacher you are after.

The Average human walks at 4 km per/hour and a good tracker can track up to “6 km per hour”. If the spoor is 2 hours old then the poacher is 8 km ahead of you, if you manage to track at 6 km an hour then in 1 hour you should be 6 km behind him (Poacher 3 hours 12 km) and in 2 hours you should be 4 km behind him (Poacher 4 hours in 16 km) and in 3 hours of tracking you should be 2 hours behind him (Poacher 5 Hours 20 km).

This is a simple calculation to show you realistically how good you will have to be in order to catch a poacher while he is only walking. You will cover an entire range of subjects such as Rhino Crime Scenes, autopsies on poached animals, Vehicle extraction drills, road blocks, Advanced Snake Handling course, First Aid Level 3, Advanced weapon drills, in depth security plan and rhino project as well as advanced tracking formations and air to ground. If you have the passion and thrill for adventure then Protrack is the right place for you, join us and help us protect over 30 Game reserves in Limpopo and reserves which border and are part of our Kruger National Park.


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