Rhino Poaching

Rhino in Danger!!

The Rhino War..

South Africa is facing a war against Rhino. Currently we are losing an average of one Rhino every 21 hours! This species can not survive such a kill rate. If nothing is done to stop the continuous slaughter we will lose our entire population of both black and white rhino.


This rhino was poached by very experienced poachers. Extreme measures were taken to cover all ballistics on the weapon that was used, to the point that they even made the projectile by hand, with stainless steel.


Yesterday, there were over 30 species of rhinoceros on Earth, today only 5 species remained. From 1970 to 2000, over 90% of the world population of rhinos dropped. The major cause of this massive extinction is poaching. We have to react in force to preserve our two precious species: the Black and White rhinos.

Almost complete extinction in 1970's: Why?

From 1970, the majority of African countries experienced civil wars resulting in widespread poverty. Furthermore, with political instability, ignorance, corruption and the availability of weapons, rhinos have been slaughtered by poachers for their horns of great value. Even the military forces of the countries have been involved in this trade. Rhinoceros’ horns are prized for Vietnamese and Chinese medicine, which gives them different pharmalogical properties. For example: to reduce fever, cure cancer, or even aphrodisiac properties! Analysis of horns were made by scientists and showed that they have no medicinal value. The horns are actually made of keratin, just like our hair or fingernails. However, rhinos victims of this myth almost disappeared. A large black market has been developed, knowing that 1 horn weighs around 10kg and that 1kg of horn is worth R140,000!

Today's situation: EXTINCTION COUNTDOWN!

Black rhinos were more than 65 000 individuals in 1970 over all Africa, today they are only 4 200! White rhinos are around 16 000 individuals in South Africa, which represents 90% of the total population of Africa. The large increase these last 2 years of rhino poaching is a real danger for the survival of the species. Last year (2010), more than 333 rhinos were brutally slaughtered in South Africa, including 147 in the biggest and most popular game reserve the Kruger National Park. Nowadays, poachers are better organized and have new tools (such as helicopters, GPS…) which make them even more dangerous. South Africa is facing against the poachers to protect the rhino! Since the begining of this year (until today: April 2011), 138 rhinos have been killed, which means that we are losing an average of 1 rhino every 21 hours! These species cannot survive as such a kill rate. if nothing is done to stop the continous slaughter, we will lose our entire population of both black and white rhinos.

Rhino poaching: A HORROR!!

The ways animals are slaughtered is horrible! They are usually killed with a gun or rifle, then the horn is cut, and rarely other body parts are taken off.

Other poachers use anesthetics, and the animal wakes up in terrible pain without its horns!

Another technique is to use wire cables, then the big herbivore struggles to death in agony.

Most of the time when there is a female with her baby, only the mother is killed, leaving the orphan without a source of food and protection. By shooting a female it’s not only one animal which is killed, but also all the calves that she would have had during her life.


Awareness of the Chinese population on the ineffectiveness of the pharmacological properties of rhino horn would be the ultimate solution. Unfortunately, changing centuries of culture seems unlikely.

To stop the massacre, some suggest finding a way to poison the horns without affecting the health of rhinoceros.

Others suggest cutting the horns of all rhinos to protect the individuals, and the species……


Well done to everybody involved. What a fine example of how we can win this war when we unite and work as a Team. https://reviewonline.co.za/246508/alleged-rhino-poachers-arrested-hoedspruit/