Denvinlee wildlife management group trading as Protrack anti-poaching unit, are in business to provide specialist rural security services to farms. It is the groups intention to be the leading company in this regard. To achieve this, the group offers competitively priced quality services.

The personnel within the group strive to give the best service of which they are capable. Customer service and satisfaction must come first, team spirit is a pre-requisite and the core of our business amongst staff and customers on the whole.

The management of the group take an active interest in the well being of their staff whilst ensuring that all concerned with the group are kept on a continuous path of
growth and advancement.

Denvinlee Wildlife Management Services shares a commitment with all responsible South Africans to the environment and to enforce all the laws laid down by our government against who ever contravenes one of these laws.

It is the companies policy to up-grade the status of a game guard as this is natures greatest friend. The man that gets between the animal and the poacher. There is no other way!

The Management of the group are aware of their social responsibility in the “New South Africa”.