Madelein Potgieter News December 5, 2017

It was a average day, I was at my parents office when my dad asked me if I wanted to go and see the black rhino that was snared. We went on a long long drive to see my first snared rhino and my first black rhino that I have ever seen, and it just had to be dead.Storm’s first sighting of a black Rhino

It was so sad to see that this rhino’s horn was not even that big. They would most probably not even be happy because all they care of is the horn & the money that the horn gives them. The wire was so thick that the bolt cutter could not cut through it. The tree was so clean of bark from where the animal had struggled to get loose from the snare, but only tangled itself more and pull the snare tighter. The snare was so badly imbedded that the skin of the rhino look like it was sanded down with sandpaper. A groove that was about 1cm deep and even the natural wrinkles of the rhino’s skin were no longer visible.

It was so swollen that the eyes had popped and there was a hole in its skin for the body juices that tried to escape. It looked like the rhino was crying which makes you think about the pain that it went throw. You could see how the rhino had run around the tree that it was snared to. The snare was around its body just behind the two front legs. The rhino probably died of starvation and dehydration. There was also a big pool of blood and there were lots of maggots in its nose and mouth. When I saw the rhino my heart sunk and to think that the people that did the black Rhino snared Image2ambush were in ambush for one whole week and the way their hearts must have sunk when they went through the last day of ambush and they had still not got the people that had tortured this animal. I tried to imagine how they coped with the smell for an entire week; I almost threw up after 10 minutes. They had to eat around it. This is the third rhino poached in the Hoedspruit area in the last 1 week and as a 14 year old girl it made me sick to my stomach and made me wish I could help in some type of way but I can now say I saw a rhino poached something my children will never see in the wild I will have to show them the photos of this day…