Madelein Potgieter News December 5, 2017

Rights for Rhinos

Protrack Anti-poaching Unit are sponsering the Rhights for Rhinos in an effort to raise awareness to the severe problem South Africa is up againts in this “Rhino War”. Our represenative, Sboniso Phakathi (better known as SPOON) is walking with partner Paul Jennings from Musina to Capetown to raise awareness and highlight the ever increasing slaughter of Rhinos in South Africa.

Did you know that: “Rhino Poaching in South Africa has eculated by an excess of 500% in the past 3 years?”

Did you know that: “Every 21 hours we loose a Rhino?”

When will it Stop? When there are no Rhino standing?…. We need to take the first step and focus on awareness and eduaction.

Thank you Spoon and Paul for taking this first step. For visiting countless schools and noisy shopping malls to highlight the severity of the situation to the general public and our children. We need all the support we can get in this war against Rhinos. Strength is in numbers, so its numbers we need. We need every South African to understand the seriousness of this crisis and support our cause!